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Question about a submission rule

In the resources tab it's mentioned that as an example solution we can create an android app that consumes the GE Brilliant APIs and other vendor APIs, or plant data behind the scenes. And in the rules section it says that " Your Submission for Phase 2 must include a working, software application running on GE’s Predix Platform "

So I'm wondering if creating android apps that just consume resources from predix and GE Brilliant APIs without running the front-end (the user interface) on predix, is that Ok for the rule above.


  • Manager   •   about 6 years ago

    Hey Abdelhakim,

    Good question. The hackathon-specific accounts will provide you access to the Brilliant APIs that are populated with dummy data. You can definitely build for Android, as long as you incorporate at least one API from at least one of the Brilliant products (WIP, EA, or EPI).

    A mobile app could be really helpful on the plant floor! Check out the Use Cases and Example Solutions further down on the Resources tab: https://brilliantmanufacturing.devpost.com/details/resources Also remember that you can submit multiple Ideas in the first round.


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    Thank you

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