Required Tool Information
GE Brilliant Products & APIs

Efficiency Analyzer (EA) EA monitors and measures your plant’s manufacturing performance data including downtime, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), quality by part, operator/shift information and line/machine statistics. APIs available under EA:

  • /lines – Contains information including a list of assets, their child assets and types
  • metrics/line – Contains information for the line including status, OEE, performance, quality, and availability
  • metrics/machine – Contains information about each machine including its performance, quality, availability, OEE, and operator clock on/off

Work in Process (WiP) Manager WIP Manager provides plant-floor visibility of all work in process data including work orders, schedule, queue loads, line of balance, parts, reworks, routes and tasks. APIs available under WiP:

  • /workorders – Contains information about the current work orders active in the plant including days in process, due date, customer, completion, etc.
  • /operations – Contains information about each operation required to carry out a work order including the description and status
  • /parts – Contains information and links to the parts involved in the work order and their availability
  • /materials – Contains information about the materials required to carry out an operation
  • /work-centers – Contains information about the work centers where operations are taking place for each work order

Enterprise Plant Insights (EPI) EPI provides real-time production information for decision makers including production goals, yield, scrap, lead time, maximum amount of time to complete production, and overall work in process. APIs available under EPI:

  • /products – Contains information about the available products under manufacture in the facility
  • /percentcomplete – Contains information about the current percent complete for each product according to the scheduled and completed counts
  • /yield – Contains information about the current product’s yield by completed and scrapped counts
  • /wip – Contains metrics for the Work in process by in queue and productions statuses
  • /leadtime – Contains lead and cycle time information for a given product
  • /defect – Contains open and closed defect information, as well as defects per unit metric


Use Cases:

Your idea does not need to be limited to these problem statements; they’re intended as a jumping off point to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Predicting the optimal path of materials through the plant for efficient assembly.
  • Predicting machine failures.
  • Discovering efficiency trends in a plant’s data so improvements can be made on the fly.
  • Providing insight into quality control in materials to quickly decide what must be thrown away and what can be reused.
  • Developing easy-to-use dashboards of all active manufacturing jobs in the plant.
Example Solutions: 
  • An interactive data visualization. For example, a visualization which exhibits WIP/ERP data combinations in an Android app that consumes the GE Brilliant APIs and other vendor APIs, or plant data behind the scenes.
  • A product extension. For example, combine WIP product data with ERP software
  • Any other mobile, web, wearable, or desktop app. For example, an app could combine WIP (work in process) data within the plant with ERP data on materials and orders to optimize scheduling. Or, the app could interpret data to alert plant employees and customers to potential shipment delays or resource shortages. Alternatively, a smartwatch app could display current Overall Equipment Effectiveness in the plant so that a plant manager can always see the efficiency live without being near a display or terminal.
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