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GE Brilliant Products & APIs Documentation

Is there any documentation available for the GE Brilliant Products & APIs to check the integrity of our idea with those APIs and to make sure we're not going in the wrong path.
Thinks for you great work.


  • Manager   •   over 6 years ago

    Hey Abdelhakim,

    I'm sorry, but the details aren't publicly available at this point. We're currently scheduling a webinar for March 7th with the Product Managers of the Brilliant Manufacturing Suite so you can ask questions and learn more. The time and viewing details of the webinar will be sent as an update later today.


  •   •   over 6 years ago

    That's great news for us and thank you for your quick answer.

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    is there a video session of the webinar which happened on 7th March, for the BMS?
    we would like to know the APIs to check the integrity of the idea.

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    here is the link of the recording of the webinar on youtube:

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    Thanks for the response

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    List of APIs has been provided for the 3 Products.
    Does it mean that only these APIs would be made available for the solution. OR is this just a subset of a bigger set of APIs ?

    Thanks and Regards
    Sudha Gurlhosur

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    I think that there is just those three APIs, if you have some basic knowledge on manufacturing environment you can guess what data will be populated from those APIs, at least enough to build an idea, for more details or if you look for a teammate you can subscribe to the slack channel for this competition.


  • Manager   •   about 6 years ago

    Hey Everyone,

    There are three products: EA, WIP, and EPI. Under each of those products are a variety of APIs such as /lines, /workorders, and /materials. You can see the list of APIs under their product heading on the Resources tab: https://brilliantmanufacturing.devpost.com/details/resources I hope this is helpful!


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